Cannabinoids have been touted as an organic alternative to traditional medications for treatment of a range of ailments from pain and anxiety to seizures. And research indicates there may be some validity to many of these claims. For many who want to try cannabinoids impediments range from the illegality of marijuana in their states to the harsh side effects of Delta 9. Delta 8 as a legal hemp derivative and Delta 8 edibles mean many individuals who didn’t have access can see if cannabinoids might work to offer relief of their own conditions.

Delta 8 as a derivative of hemp is technically legal due to the Farm Bill of 2018 which legalized the growing of hemp and the production of hemp products. The active component in cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The THC in hemp is found in very small quantities and must be processed to harvest usable amounts. This makes Delta 8 ideal for use in edibles. The THC in Delta 8 also seems to offer a much gentler high than Delta 9 which means it may relieve pain and anxiety without the harsher “head high” of Delta 9.

Additionally, Delta 8 edibles offer 3 big advantages over other forms of cannabinoids.

1) Convenience – whether gummies or baked good taking Delta 8 is as simple as chewing and swallowing.

2) Discretion – because edible forms look just like any other candy or cookie only you will know you’ve taken Delta 8.

3) Flavor – Delta 8 edibles are available in a vast range of flavors to suit any taste, from strawberry to chocolate to coconut and endless combinations.

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