Brownie (Delta 8 infused)

Brownie (Delta 8 infused),Cedar Glade Farm

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Delta 8 infused) Old Fashioned

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Delta 8 infused) Old Fashioned,Cedar Glade Farm

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Delta 8 infused)

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Delta 8 infused) ,Cedar Glade Farm

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About Cedar Glad Farm of Murfreesboro

At Cedar Glade Farm, we believe in the power of premium hydroponic hemp. Our products are the result of knowledge, experience and love. We started growing hydro hemp beginning with 25 years of experience growing tobacco. These 2 plants have a lot in common when it comes to production.

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Premium Hydro
  • Made in USA
  • Always Lab Tested
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Grow Cam

We are going to have a video feed of our plants growing. So we are asking you to help us choose a name for our grow camera. Options:

  • 1. Growy Mr Mc. Growsky
  • 2. Le grow
  • 3. Green voyer
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