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Is Delta 8 legal?

urrently Delta 8 is legal in TN. It is derived from the hemp plant. The 2018 Federal Farm Bill legalizes all extracts from hemp as long as they are >.3% Delta 9 THC. But, it is illegal in some states. Please check with your local authorities outside of TN.

Why are your products infused and not sprayed like most other products on the market?

We infuse our products by mixing the Delta 8 directly in the product during the baking process. This is done using a proprietary process that we developed in our lab. This gives our products just the right amount of Delta 8 for a consistent product every time. It never affects the flavor, so you get the "old fashioned" flavor every time. We want you to enjoy the product's flavor as well as the effect. "Sprayed products" have been treated on the outside with Delta 8. This has a detrimental effect on the flavor. It, also, is much harder to control the Delta 8 concentration, therefore you get an inconsistent product that just doesn't taste very good. If you have ever tried an edible product that didn't taste very good, it's most likely a sprayed product.

I have never used edibles. What should I expect?

If you are not experienced with THC, we recommend starting with 25mg, ex. 1/4 of our 100mg brownie. Edibles take longer to experience the benefits of Delta 8. Some reports say up to 2 hours. We recommend patience before consuming additional product.

How can I purchase your products?

We have many fine retailers throughout the state. Please check out retailer locator for one in your area. Also, our products sold online. Please checkout our online store.


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