As the popularity of Delta-8 cannabinoids (CBD) continues to rise there is understandable confusion among consumers on the types of products available and the potency and effectiveness of various applications. Delta-8 CBD edibles are available in everything from soft chews, gummies, and hard candies to chocolates, infused drinks, and baked goods like cakes and cookies. However, not all edibles are created equal. The disparities came mean the difference in effective dosage that gives the desired effects or insignificant dosage that does nothing.

Many producers only coat their edibles during a spraying process because it’s a cheap way to qualify a product as CBD. Some soft chews and gummies are simply rolled in a sugar-CBD mixture. However, these methods impart minimal active ingredient, and the process can result in inconsistent application and thus inconsistent if not ineffective dosage of CBD.

Knowing what to expect from each product and consistency of effects is important. There are reasons you should make sure your Delta-8 edibles are infused rather than sprayed or coated.

1. Testing consistency. Infused products test more consistency which is important when testing by regulatory agencies.

2. Longer shelf life. The active ingredient in infused products is better protected from heat and light, factors that break CBD down faster. That means with sprayed or coated products you could be paying for active CBD that you’re not actually getting.

3. Accurate dosing. Infusing edibles during the manufacturing process ensures the consistent amount of CBD in each dose for more reliable effects.

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